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Mighty Moms is a vibrant, private online community built specifically for new moms. It's the community brought to you by New Mommy Media who creates podcasts, videos and blog posts for new and expecting parents. This is where we get a chance to connect with you personally, and your membership helps fund our podcasts and online videos and blog posts. Through these live, interactive shows and online discussions, we aim to educate and entertain moms as they transition through different stages of motherhood.

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We've created this online, on-the-go, supportive community, to help new moms get through these tough times and feel less alone. 

When you join Mighty Moms, you'll be provided with mom-specific resources based on where you are in your journey. You'll also have the added bonus of being a part of a community of new moms and learn from their experiences on breastfeeding, potty training, taming toddler tantrums and all the colors of the rainbow on baby poop!

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  • Be part of our story! We provide lots of opportunities for our Mighty Moms to be a guest on our podcasts and videos. 
  • Exclusive access to guests and experts. We invite many of our guests to join us "backstage" with our Mighty Moms to directly answer your specific questions!
  • Special Recordings. Each month, all of our Mighty Moms are invited to our Friday night "Unwind"- a live zoom call and recording where you can relax, chat and connect with other moms all over the world.
  • Podcast and video premieres. Our new content debuts here for our Mighty Moms before it goes anywhere else. You also get access to PDF transcripts of all our content.
  • Monthly prizes and surprises! Love to comment and share? We reward Mighty Moms every month who are engaged and active in our group!
  • First look at new products. Don't you love being the first to see new items that help your family? Well, our Mighty Moms see them here first.
  • Discounts and rewards. We partner with some of the most amazing companies... and they often provide special incentives to try their products and services.
  • Meet other MIGHTY MOMS! Come hang out with other mamas, just like you, who share similar interests. They may even live in your area. Can you say, playdate? ;)

Come join our community of Mighty Moms! We can't wait to see you on the inside!